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Physical/Digital Books

Enchanted Book

This elegant handcrafted guest book enables visitors—both present and absent—to leave handwritten, voice, and video messages at celebrations and commemorations.

Thingfully Club Kiosk

The this physical/digital book provides a point of focus for middle school students as they explain—in video, voice, or text—how they have earned a badge in one of four categories. The four topics and three levels of expertise prepare learners for a workplace of the future through exposure to and practicing creative thinking, problem solving, and prototype development.


Artist Books

Thingfully's founder creates and exhibits artist's books as an enthusiastic newcomer to the world of hand bookbinding. #Resist appeared in the 2018 annual exhibition of the annual members exhibition of the Hand Bookbinders of California, which was held at the American Bookbinder's Museum in San Francisco.


Nancy Husari

A multi-talented artist required a website redesign. Nancy's intricate and colorful cartoons now have a spacious framework for their display and the WordPress blogging platform enables easy and immediate publication of her thoughts.

Neil McGraw

This site displays a daily reading and enables visitors to share Neil's thought. It is a clean and simple one-page website.

TICAH Healing Stories Recording Booth

Thingfully's Founder, Bridget McGraw, worked on digital projects with TICAH (Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health) in Kenya for nine years. One such project was an online version of a book called Using Our Traditions: A Herbal and Nutritional Guide for Kenyan Families, which offers practical herbal and nutritional strategies for all. TICAH's Medicine Shield Garden at the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) in Nairobi is the site of many plants that are featured in this guide. Currently, Thingfully is preparing a proposal with TICAH to create the TICAH Healing Stories Recording Booth, which will provide visitors with an easy way to record recipes, preparations, and stories about the plants in the NMK Medicine Shield Garden.

From Where to Here Feedback Phonebooth Installation

Andrea Guskin organized multiple art experiences for the San Leandro community that explored immigration, identity, and community. The final evening of the project included artmaking events, a live jazz quartet, typewritten family stories, and a Thingfully feedback kiosk. Guests could record an audio reflection in a phonebooth or send feedback to Andrea via a web form.

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Bridget McGraw has produced physical and digital experiences for people in educational, nonprofit, and small business contexts since the mid-1990s. She will assemble a team of professionals to help you meet your publishing goals.

The Thingfully team can take a napkin sketch and turn it into a fully functioning website, beautiful brochure, or a unique physical/digital book.

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