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The Flying Sailor {the book}


This ditty was designed by Bridget McGraw
& printed by Lisa Rappoport
on Arches BFK Rives in spring 2023.

Marbled paper by Hampton

Deck Fonts: Goudy Ornate, Goudy Old Style, & Good Bad Man

Forbis & Tilby dedicated their film to Charles Mayers, the flying sailor.
Of an edition of 10, this is #       .


The Story of the Story

The Flying Sailor, an animated film written and directed by Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby, wordlessly shows the story of Charles Mayers, a sailor who witnessed the collision of two ships in the waters of Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1917. The film, nominated for a 2022 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, visually describes Mayers’ legendary trajectory through the wild blue yonder. The sailor landed up a hill about two kilometers from where he witnessed the blast. The phrases in this book are the transcript, as it appears online, in The Viewing Room at The New Yorker.