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Instructions for GBW Exhibitions Committee

Unboxing & Displaying To What End: The Whole Megillah

Hi Exhibitions team!

Thank you for unboxing and displaying this bookwork!

Please watch this one-minute Unboxing Video.

  • note the upward pointing arrows indicating the TOP of the box
  • open the TOP flaps
  • gently lift the box protecting the scroll handles
  • lift the entire piece out
  • rest it on a flat surface

There is a LOT OF TISSUE packed into the scroll to stabilize it for the roadtrip from Oakland to Waco.

  • unwrap the display box
  • remove the handle binders
  • gently remove the tissue

When you’re ready for the curators’ visit, please watch the brief Display Video.


Please call or text me if you have any questions before setting it up for the jurors!