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The Enchanted Book, a truly interactive guest book, enables people attending an event or celebration to record an audio or video message on a tablet attached to the book itself.

The “big idea” is that if a person cannot be present at the event (birthday, bat mitzvah, art opening, funeral etc.) she can access the Thingfully web application with a unique URL to record a message that will appear within the pages of a specific Enchanted Book.

This guest book combines 4th-century and 21st-century technologies.


The Thingfully Club will helps learners develop skills in creative thinking, prototyping, and emotional acuity, through a Design Thinking framework.

In considering how best to prepare youth for the unknown circumstances of the future workforce—particularly with the imminence of robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in many business sectors—the Thingfully team believes that creative problem solving is a critical skill for succeeding the future labor force. The Thingfully Club will focus on developing skills through the Design Thinking framework, which the Harvard Teaching & Learning Lab defines as “a structured framework for identifying challenges, gathering information, generating potential solutions, refining ideas, and testing solutions.”

Our aim is to encourage youth to become creators, not just consumers, of digital products and services in a safe, nonjudgemental setting that will encourage creative expression. To this end, Thingfully will invite local digital artists to teach and inspire students.

The Thingfully team will provide a safe place for students to learn through hands-on experimentation with microelectronics, digital fabrication tools (laser cutters and 3D printers), and software programs that operate such machines in contemporary maker spaces.


Bridget McGraw

Bridget found her way to technology through the art portal.

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Martina McCormick

Community Strategy for Equitable Outcomes


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Anca Mosoiu

Anca Mosoiu is a multidisciplinary software product developer with two decades of experience in the Internet and desktop software industry.

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Shami Oshun

Shami is applying her design aesthetic and skills to attaching a tablet to a traditionally bound book.

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Asa Nakata

Asa and Bridget are working on the physical structure of the Thingfully Desktop Kiosk and the Enchanted Book.

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